Club Officers

Officers are the glue that holds the club together. Select a position below to view the description. Also, you can learn more about officer responsibilities through the Club Leadership Handbook.

  1. President:
    Alondra Sánchez, CC, CL
  2. Vice President of Education:
    Joseph Esler, DTM
  3. Vice President of Membership:
    Kunal Vaishnav, EH1
  4. Vice President of Public Relations:
    Alyssa Tan, CC, CL
  5. Secretary:
    Krishnam Sharda
  6. Treasurer:
    Jay Karthik, DTM
  7. Sergeant at Arms:
    Mary Ellen Pataro, PM3
  8. Honorary Officer:
    Lisa Wheeler, PDD, CC, ALB, LD5, EH3