Vice President of Membership

You promote the club and manage the process of bringing in guests. You transform them into members. By initiating contact with guests, making them feel welcome, and providing them with the information they need to join, you help maintain a constant influx of new people into your club. You also attentively monitor membership levels and strategize with the rest of the executive committee about how to overcome membership challenges when they occur. Clubs often combine the Vice President of Membership role with the Vice President of Public Relations.

Recruit Members

  • Your overarching duty is to convert guests into members of Tragicomedy Toastmasters.
  • The Vice President of Public Relations is your partner in crime:
    • Work closely with the Vice President of Public Relations to identify guests who are prospective members.
    • Contact each guest after their first visit by sending them a membership application prefilled with their information via DocHub.
      → Check if they are current or former Toastmasters by searching Toastmasters International’s Add Membership page and using that information to prefill the application.
      → If you do not find them on that page, just prefill their application with whatever information you have for them from the Vice President of Public Relations.
      → New adult members (aka Toastmasters) pay a total annual fee of up to $142.50 ($10 annual club dues for current/next year, $20 new member fee, $90 annual international dues, and up to three months of international dues prorated at $7.50 per month in advance).
      → Current/former Toastmasters pay a total annual fee of up to $122.50 (the new member fee is waived)
      → Youth members (aka Gaveliers) pay a total annual fee of $50 ($5 annual club dues, the new member fee is waived, and the annual Gavel Club dues are half-price of the international dues for adults).
      → Only adult members pay international dues, whereas only youth members pay Gavel Club dues.
      → All members, adult and youth, pay $5 annual club dues (never prorated).
      → All members pay a minimum of a full year in advance (never prorated less than a year but prorated up to three months beyond the year for a total of up to 15 months for adult members).
      → Make sure all prospective members are aware of our Mentorship Program, Youth Leadership Program, and, most importantly, A Toastmaster’s/Tragicomedian’s Promise.
      → Explain how the membership application is just that: an application. Tragicomedy Toastmasters thoroughly considers all applications and then conducts a club vote while reserving the right to decline an applicant for any reason. Membership is not guaranteed.
  • You sometimes serve as the Presiding Officer who opens and closes club meetings.

Onboard Members

  • Upon receiving a completed membership application, make sure it is filled out correctly.
  • The applicant will be either voted in or declined as a member at the next club meeting. Proceed with the remaining bullet points only if the applicant is voted in as a member by the club.
  • Ask the Vice President of Education about the mentor assignment:
  • Add the member to both of the following pages:
    1. Toastmasters International’s Add Membership
      → “Sponsor Information” = “Mentor Assignment”
      → Transfer members cannot be processed on that page; their applications must be either faxed to +1 (303) 799-7753 or emailed to
    2. Tragicomedy Toastmasters’s Member Application Upload
  • Update the “Newest member(s)” section of next week’s agenda so the new member can be recognized.
  • Put the new member in touch with the Vice President of Education to be enrolled in Pathways and introduced to their mentor.
  • Identify your successor and help that person become the next Vice President of Membership.

Our current Vice President of Membership is Alyssa Tan, CC, CL. You can email Alyssa at